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Helping Buyers to Visualize the Property with Virtual Staging - a cost effective alternative to traditional staging

Virtual Staging

Only 10% of your buyers can visualize an empty home - Virtual Staging can provide an affordable alternative to conventional home staging by using computer generated graphics to bring the property to life and to show the true potential of the home.

Many Multiple Listing Sites (MLS) will not allow manipulated photographs, including Virtual Staging on their sites.  Those that do have to be clearly labelled and often require the vacant room as a comparison.

The rules regarding what can and can't be done with a photograph vary greatly and it is always advised to contact your real estate agent first.

Pros and Cons of using Virtual Staging

  • Least Expensive way of home staging
  • Illustrates the function and possible layout to the buyer
  • Often the fastest way of home staging
  • Pique buyers interest more than a vacant home
  • Computer graphics aren't the same quality as actual furniture
  • Doesn't include the designer touch, the emotional connection buyers get with actual staging
  • Buyers can feel let down when they realize the home is still vacant
Virtual Staging
Virtual Staging
Virtual Staging

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Our Process is simple - Photography Prep, then Virtually Stage each photo