Meet the Team

Our mission is to ENHANCE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE THROUGH INTERIOR DESIGN. We understand that the look and feel of your home and workplace can affect your behavior, attitude and sense of well-being. We take the time to truly LISTEN TO YOUR NEEDS, to fully UNDERSTAND YOUR LIFESTYLE, and to intuitively TAP INTO YOUR VISION.

Meet the tteam

Pam Hopgood - Lead Designer/Head Stager/CEO

Pam's natural flair and spirited personality bring something special to every project she works on no matter how big or how small!

Whether she is guiding homeowners through interior decoration choices, furniture selection or preparing a full house renovation to creating course to help home sellers, Pam's energy is contagious and her professionalism untiring.


From Fashion to Interiors

Pam has always been involved in the world of design, starting as a fashion and bridal wear designer before moving into interior design.  So well respected she was asked to teach on the Bachelor of Education courses at her local university.

She has won the coveted Interior Designer of the Year several times for her local region and co-authored a Home Staging book with the world renowned Barb Schwarz.

Simply put Pam loves all design and uses her skills to create the best possible outcome for her clients.


Meet the tteam
Meet the tteam

A Real Family Affair

The other essential members of the team are John and James, Pam's husband and son.  John is our logistics man and CFO - he is often seen helping out with interior installations, painting, wallpapering.

James is our packing expert for the home staging along with our moving team of Mr G's Relocation Services

Need help and adivce?

We are always happy to pop on a discovery call with you to see how we can best serve you, whether it's Home Staging or Interior Design.