Home Staging is SHOWCASING your home's potential and MAXIMIZING your equity!

Occupied Home Staging

With occupied home staging we try to use as much of the homeowner's furniture and decor as we can.  We may bring in a few pieces to update the space as necessary, these can be rented on a monthly basis.  All Occupied Home Staging start with a Consultation where we spend up to 2 hrs with you looking at all aspects of the home, you get a full report and proposal for additional services and staging days as appropriate.  If you intend to stage yourself the report will have everything you need.

Vacant Home Staging

Only 10% of buyers can visualize the potential in a vacant home.  'If they can't see it - you can't sell it' - Barbara Schwarz Real Estate Guru. With Vacant Staging we will preview the property first, this usually takes about 30-40 mins and then provide the owner with a report and proposal for staging services and also furniture and decor rental on a monthly basis.  We provide all our own inventory - so there are no concerns about dealing with furniture rental companies.

Remote Home Staging

Every home up for sale should have staging done but not everyone has the time for a 2 hr consultation with us, so we created the next best thing - a remote staging consultation!  You submit photos of the rooms you want to stage, don't worry we will talk you through exactly what we need, and then we send you back a personalized report with floor plans, paint suggestions, furniture and decor placement etc. everything you need in a clear action plan to get your home ready for listing!

Case Study #1

This large 4 bed 3 bath waterfront home had been sitting vacant for over 14 months when we were called in by the realtor.  Potential buyers had remarked about the floor tiles being pink and not knowing where to place furniture.  We suggested a change of wall color but this was declined so we used green and grey accents to dull the impact of the tiles and place the furniture to showcase the room's massive potential.  Home SOLD within 20 days of re-listing after staging.

Case Study #2

The owner of this countryside home had been told by agents that it could take up to 3 years to sell.  We were called in by the owner and worked with her furniture and decor to create a calming balance throughout the home.  We suggested a few updates which were carried out and when the home was listed it SOLD within 10 days!

Our Process and Pricing

Occupied Staging

  • Staging Consultation - $250

All occupied staging (by that we mean you are living in your home while selling) starts with a Staging Consultation 

  • ½ Day Staging – 4 hours - $450

Concentrating on the main areas of your home we rearrange and repurpose décor, hang artwork and restyle your home for optimal results. We will take photographs that your real estate agent is free to use in your marketing. 

  • Full Day Staging – 8 hours - $750

We will rearrange and repurpose your furnishings and décor to create the best possible design to showcase your home and all of its great features.  If time allows we will also stage the outdoor areas.  We will take photographs that your real estae agent is free to use for marketing your home. 

  • Inventory Rental - $ varies

We may suggest bringing in some new items to update your home, these items can be rented on a month by month basis. 

Vacant Home Staging

  • Staging Service - This will vary depending on the square footage of your home, the number of rooms that require staging and the luxury level required - the staging/styling services start at $1800 ~ this includes the first 30 days rental
  • Inventory Rental – again this varies on square footage, number of rooms and luxury level of your home

Remote Staging Consultation

  • $99 per personalized report
  • Based on your photos and information
  • Report emailed to you within 72 hours

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Areas covered: New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, Port Orange, Daytona Beach Shores, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and Deland.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are the only New Smyrna Beach area staging company that has 100% of our own inventory - we can truly offer you a customized staging design to suit your needs and your budget.
  • We offer a 30 day minimum for inventory rental – No paying for 60 or 90 days minimum even if you sell your home within 25 days or under. Our rentals are on a month by month basis
  • Staging a house to SELL means detaching emotionally from your home and allowing the home’s great features to shine.
  • Staging is about giving the BUYER what they want to see and SHOWING them how they can live in the space so they ASPIRE to live there.

What Makes Us Different From all the Others?

  • As the only company in the area that is also a certified color expert and specialist in interior redesign - we set the industry standard for quality, design, efficient processes and customer service.
  • There is an art to staging and a psychology to buying - we understand who your target market is and tailor the staging to appeal to the widest range possible.
  • As the only company who also offers Feng Shui Staging - we use the ancient principles of harmony and balance to create the perfect home.
  • Companies should always be evolving - we offer all the most up to date services - E-Design and Virtual Staging.

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