You are an expert at selling homes and closing deals, we are experts at staging and décor – lets both do what we do best and work together to get you more listings and more homes sold! By working with Perfect Match Homes you will:

Team 3
  • have a reputation for beautifully presented homes - that will help you create a strategic marketing advantage over your competition
  • have a marketing ally - we will have your back and will handle difficult conversations with tact and diplomacy
  • have the edge over your competition - by offering a Staging Consultation to your clients you will provide them with the ‘wow’ factor
How to add pops of color to your room
  • have more time to do what you do best, sell homes! - we will take the interior marketing of the home off your shoulders by staging the home to appeal to the widest possible target market.
  • have extra marketing avenues - we will help to market the home through our social media sites and google pages all with your contact details clearly shown
Ratten balls and vases on white top table with light brown sofa
  • have the reputation as the agent whose homes sell faster and for more money! - National Association of Realtors advocates Home Staging
  • have preferential pricing on all our services 
  • Be a Super Hero Real Estate Agent to your clients - they will recommend you to all their friends

What's in it for You?

  • A Key Listing and Marketing Tool delivered by a professional Home Staging Company
  • A member of your team that can be relied on
  • Beat your competition and win more listings!
  • Make more money for yourself and your clients
  • Get Value Added Resources for you to give to your client - all ready to be co-branded

Everything you need to create a beautiful LISTING