Want to try Staging Yourself? – Top 13 Mistakes to Avoid

Home Staging is showcasing your property so that you maximize your equity when it comes time to sell.  If you don’t want or don’t have a professional stager close to you try following these tips to avoid making some errors when it comes to staging our home:

  • Don’t offer any form of allowance – buyers don’t want the hassle – they want move in ready!
  • Dont neglect the Patio! Buyers want a resort style outside.

  • De-cutter – use this time to stream line your life.  What does a closet or cabinet stuffed full of things say to your buyer? – Oh look no storage!

  • Put away all your personal photos, Buyers want to see themselves in the home not you!
  • While many of us love our pets, not everyone is tolerant of their smells and hair – remove all traces, food bowls, litter trays etc!

  • Don’t list a vacant home – only 10% of buyers can visualize an empty space.
  • Although it sounds obvious but always, make sure your home is white glove clean especially the kitchens and bathrooms!
  • Don’t leave any plants to wither, this applies inside and out – it sets off alarm bells, they have neglected this, what else have they neglected to d0?
  • Don’t paint everything white or beige – add a few pots of color to make your rooms seem interesting!

  • Be careful with intense colors, you may love them but your buyers may not!  It just becomes something else they have to do!
  • Most of us have way too much furniture in each room, stuff we have accumulated over the years but for showcasing your property there should be at least 36″ of walk space between each piece.
  • Area rugs can help to make a room feel cozy but one that is too small can alter the balance of the room, just the way one that is too large can overwhelm so that it is all you see.  If they are looking at your rug they aren’t looking at your focal points!
  • And finally most art is not hung correctly, it’s either way to high or is way too small for the area.

There is so much to consider when it comes to staging your home, it is always preferable to use the services of a trained Home Stager who knows the buyer psychology and why items need to be where!