Using Sense or Scents to Sell Your Home!

When getting your home ready for the listing market you may call in the help of a real estate agent and a home stager but one things that is often forgotten by home sellers is that buyers buy a home emotionally first then rationalize it!

One of the ways you can help with that emotional connection is to appeal to their senses:

Sight – this is the obvious one, your stager can help you with making sure that the furniture is in its best possible position to showcase the home.  But don’t forget to make sure that the view out of your windows is equally attractive – cut down overgrown hedges, open all the blinds or drapes for showings.  Buyers want to see light and airy!

Sound – while you don’t need to have music playing through the house, it can be considered a little too contrite, think about the other sounds you can hear.  Are you close to a busy street, consider planting a buffer close to the front door to deaden any street noise.  If you want to create a relaxing outdoor space, nothing is more relaxing than running water.  Consider purchasing a small water feature, the Home stores have plenty under $100.

Touch – people are tactile, add texture to your rooms with pillows and throws, rugs can help to add texture to a floor, but don’t put a rug on top of carpet!

Smell – everyone has heard about bake bread or cookies or light candles.  I always tell my clients to avoid doing that, it sets people thinking what smell are you trying to disguise. mold, pets etc.  Better still to get a trusted friend to give you a proper smell report on your home, we often get used to our pets and their smells but your buyer won’t so make sure their food dishes are clean at all times and even better removed for any viewings!  Make sure to keep pets clean while your re selling your home.  If there any mold or damp smells get them fixed prior to goin on the market. Adding some delicious smells can also enhance your property, check out some of the sweet smelling home plants or cut flowers, much more friendly and less powerful than spraying room freshener all over the place. A bowl of lemons in the kitchen not only looks great but also give off a clean and fresh scent.

Taste – most buyers don’t expect anything edible at house viewings but if it is during the summer months make sure you have some bottles of water in the fridge and let the agents know they are free to use.  Some home sellers have been known to leave a pitcher of lemonade and a plate of cookies, a very welcoming and thoughtful gesture although most buyers wouldn’t eat any it is the thought that counts.

When preparing your home for sale think about appealing to all the senses not just sight and you will make your home rememberable for all the right reasons!