Where You Never Think They’ll Look!

Here is a great article by Shauna from Beyond the Stage Homes – it shows how you have to think of everywhere buyers may look when they come to view your home!

When you list your home to sell you are opening it up to a market of potential buyers.  If buyers are interested in your home, they will want to know exactly what they’re buying and will leave no stone unturned.  The following is a list of areas that you may not think buyers will look, but they will and you’ll want to be sure to keep them clean and organized.

  • Refrigerator – ensure that all shelves and drawers are clean, throw out spoiled food immediately and keep remaining things organized.
  • Range/Oven – clean inside and out, do not store pots and pans inside range and keep drawer organized.
  • Dishwasher – do not leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher – either hand wash or run the dishwasher prior to a showing. Clean the trap of residue and waste.
  • Washing Machine – clean the soap dispenser, all knobs and doors – do not leave laundry in the washing machine clean or dirty.
  • Dryer – thoroughly clean out lint from trap as well as door frame.
  • All other appliances that are included in the sale should be clean and easily accessible.
  • Bathroom Vanities and Medicine Cabinets – keep the drawers and cabinets organized; pack away or hide any prescription medicine.
  • Linen Closets – Ensure that all linens are organized and folded neatly. Remove all non-linen items that don’t need to be in the closet.  Group colors together and remove bold colors, this will help make it look more organized and spacious.
  • Kitchen Cupboards – Wipe down all the cupboard doors inside and out, clean the shelving and organize the contents. Pack away those items you don’t use often.
  • Bedroom Closets – keep the amount of clothes to a minimum. Pack away out-of-season items.  Store miscellaneous items in decorative baskets.

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