Where Does Color Come From?


Have you ever wondered where Interior Designers, Wallpaper and Paint Companies all get their inspiration from when they create the new season’s color palette?

They don’t just pluck colors and ideas out of the air, there is a huge industry behind them dedicated to the forecasting of trends and colors. One of these is the Pantone Color Institute, who provide trend and lifestyle forecasting that help those businesses make informed choices about what brands and products will give them the competitive edge. This color inspiration is passed down to us – the consumers – in wallpaper, paint and fabric forecasts.

Most of these forecasts are done at least 6 months, often more like 24 months, in advance and involve a select panel of color and lifestyle experts from around the world. They consider future strategies, fashion and lifestyle concepts to create a global color direction. They use unique methodologies to shortlist the key influences that will impact society and shape the future. This is shown in visual inspirations and color harmonies.

Trends are linked to people’s needs and wants, and are essential in creating both resources and innovation. The large decorating and paint companies take these inspirations and from them create their own defined color palettes that are used by interior designers and home do-it-yourselfers.

‘Nothing is constant except change’ – Anne Lise Kjaer from Kjaer Global.

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