Where do you get inspiration from?

Whenever I start a new redesign or remodeling project my clients often ask the same question – where should I look for inspiration?

There is a whole host of ideas out there:

  • Facebook has some groups you could join that deal exclusively with interiors
  • Take a look at www.HGTV.com and their magazine – there is a whole host of ideas on there from color schemes to single room or whole house plans, if you like a particular show like Fixer Upper and you really like JoJo’s style you will be able to find all sorts of links to their furniture and individual shows
  • Check out www.Houzz.com they have page after page of inspirational photos, you can save them to your own boards to look back on later.
  • Pintrest is great for that as well.
  • www.diynetwork hae a whole section on projects that you could tackle.

You can also start your own journal of ideas, print out any photographs you see that interest you and keep them all together.  It really helps us designers to get to know your tastes and don’t worry if the photographs aren’t of the room you are considering changing, its the general ideas we are looking for.

Any remodeling shouldn’t be stressful so have fun and start creating your own ideas books!

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