Top Tips for Updating Your Bathroom

Many people worry about making updates to their bathroom, thinking that the only way they can ‘freshen’ it up is by installing new vanity ware often at great cost.  Here are a few inexpensive ways that can transform your bathroom.

  • Swap out your mirror – Make sure your new mirror is large enough for everyday tasks, take a look at Home Depot, Lowes or Home Goods for some cheaper but modern alternatives
  • Add a rug – now I don’t mean a bath mat, if you have the floor space put a proper rug down, they are generally more colorful than the typical bathmat and can add a ton of personality to the space.  Beware – in a small room they will look out of place!
  • Replace your hardware – this can be very inexpensive and give your units a totally different feel. Don’t forget to co-ordinate this with your color of faucet.
  • Define your walls – while all the decorating magazines and programs tell you that painting a strong or dark color will make your room appear smaller (and thats quite true) in a  bathroom that is small anyway it can really make a statement and doesn’t seem to have the same effect as it does in a larger room.
  • Introduce Color – if you aren’t sure about strong colors on the wall introduce them in towels and accessories to add a pop to your decor.
  • Assess your lighting – with all the great lighting fixtures that are available now this can be a really easy fix.  Maximize as much nature light  as you can as well and remember that your vanity mirrors should be flanked by lighting to avoid casting any shadows on your face.
  • Replace your flooring – carpets in bathroom can be yucky so think about some of the alternatives, tile of course but there are also some great vinyl planks available, just make sure you get one that is water absorbent.
  • Shower doors – glass doors are the favored type at the moment and if possible floor to ceiling glass.  You can also have doors that sit on the top of your tub if you have a tub shower combo. If you have a small bathroom consider not having a door or a shower curtain in your shower cubicle.
  • Think Spa Like – everyone wants to try and achieve a spa like feeling in their bathroom no matter what size it is, a very simple way of doing this is to use designer soaps and flowers.

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