Top Organizing Tips

We are all guilty, some to greater degrees than others, of being messy!  Here are some great ways to organize those little things to help make life and space easier.

  • Crossing Out Words – often when we want to hide some details we try to cross them out quickly but a better and more illegible way is to write other letters over the top of the word or numbers over numbers.
  • Storage of Cleaning Supplies – Okay hands up – who’s kitchen sink cupboard is full to the rafters of bottles and solutions? A simple remedy is to use a pressurized curtain rod at the top of the cupboard and you can hook a lot of your spray bottles on it to relieve the space underneath.
  • Keeping Manuals – All the gadgets we buy often come with huge manuals in foreign languages, rather than having to store all that paper, check the company’s website and see if you can download a version to your computer instead and recycle all that waste paper.
  • Tangled Cords – how many times have you gone for your phone charger and its tangled up with other cords?  Try this neat trick – use the plastic ties from you bread to keep the cords together and untangled.  Helps storage in the drawer too!
  • Packing Clothes in Suitcases – a simple trick to keep your clothes wrinkle free and more space for more items in your case is to roll your clothes.
  • Avoiding Pesky Flies in your Outdoor Drinks – There is nothing worse when you are hot than picking up your glass to see an insect learning to swim in your drink.  Use upturned cup cake liners to act as a lid for your beverage.  You can pierce them for straws as well.
  • Peeling a Banana the Right Way! – watch the experts, monkeys don’t ever peel a banana like we do, they squeeze the black bit at the bottom so that it splits and then peel from the bottom, no waste and no having to dig your nails or teeth into that hard bit of the stem.
  • Butter Substitute – Lots of recipes call for tons of butter, if you are trying to cut back but still want the flavor and consistency try using advocate instead, sounds odd but it works!

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