Top 10 Staging Myths

If you have watched HGTV you will have noticed that staging is used for pretty much all the homes that are featured.  With everyone leading such busy lives these days, buyers don’t have the time to consider how to use that large space, you have to show them!  That’s why Staging works so well and will work for every home.  But there are many myths surrounding it, so lets take a look at the top 10 and see if we can’t dispel a lot of them!

1.It is Expensive!

Absolutely No! A professional stager will provide you with recommendations to get your home market ready and will often have different priced packages so that you can chose which you feel comfortable with.  Staging is a lot cheaper than that first price reduction!

2. Home Staging removes everything and replaces it with new.

A professional stager will do their best to use what you already have.  They may suggest a few new decor items that will help to modernize the space to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers.  They may also suggest removing pieces that detract from the overall effect of the room.  Don’t forget what you like isn’t necessarily what appeals to your target market, that’s where the stager comes in.

3. My house will be repainted Builders Beige

Again this is another misconception, while the stager will explain that staging should appeal to the widest market possible, they don’t want to lose the character of your home, so will work with your current paint shades.  It may be suggested that some walls need to be repainted to tie in with the rest of the home to create a cohesion to the whole house but it won’t all be builders beige!

4. Home Staging is just for Empty Homes

Certainly some homes can use updating more than others, even those that are occupied.  But the truth is that every home will benefit from home staging and a few subtle changes can make all the difference.  It is impossible to be objective about your own home, even if you are a stager, because it is just that – your home.  Any Staging will help to improve the overall flow of the home and provide the final touches that buyers are looking for.

5. Staging is a way to fool buyers

Not at all, it is there to accentuate or draw attention to the home’s positive features and downplay any negative ones. Home owners have a responsibility to disclose any defects in the property. Staging will help you create a plan for your home that addresses where to invest your money in repairs and updates.  It focuses on maximizing the home’s potential.

6. Isn’t it just de-cluttering and removing all personal objects?

We could probably all stand a little bit of decluttering so that we can see the space beyond.  The reason stagers ask you to remove personal photos is to stop the buyer from profiling who lives in the house, as soon as they picture you living there they don’t see themselves living there!  Staging is about emphasizing the light, space, flow and design not just about decorating and who currently lives there!

7.  It’s better to list first, then use staging if it doesn’t sell.

Cliche as it might sound, but you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  When a home is listed it should be ready to show at it’s best along with great photos on the MLS.  Any realtor will tell you that you get the most attention during the first couple of weeks that it i listed.  Stage it first – sell it fast!

8. Staging is just a fad

Everyone has always got their home ready for listing but it has only been since 1970 that it had a proper name.  In a recent survey people were shown pictures of staged and unstaged homes and asked to guess the prices.  They consistently overpriced the staged homes, which is why realtors will tell you that staged homes often sell faster and for more money than unstaged homes.

9. I don’t need Staging – surely buyers can see past my stuff.

Surprisingly only 10% of buyers have the ability to visualize a space.  That means that only 1 in 10 can actually look past your stuff and see the home’s true potential.  Staging shows buyers the lifestyle they could aspire to by buying your home and by optimizing the furniture layout and decor they eliminate anything that distracts them from seeing the features of the home.

10. Home Staging means I will be living in a show home and thats not realistic

No one can live in a show home, which is why a stager will provide you with options.  They will show you how you can quickly stage your home to show home quality in about 30 mins for your scheduled viewings.  Perfect Match Homes gives all their clients a full set of photos of each room so that you know where all the staged pieces have to be put, these can be put away carefully after the viewing ready for the next one.

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