Top 10 Home Staging Mistakes

Home Staging can mystify a few people who are unsure what it really is all about, like everything, not doing your homework can result in some expensive staging mistakes.  So here are Perfect Match Homes’ Top 10 Mistakes to avoid when considering Staging.

  1. Selecting your stager based on price only: selecting a stager just because they are the cheapest is one of the best ways to sabotage your sale.  More important than cost is the experience and talent of a staging professional, when considering stagers, always look at their portfolio and make your decision based on their professionalism and expertise and the results they achieve!
  2. Avoiding discussing certain topics with your stager: It’s not always easy to hear what a stager has to say but their job is about addressing all the potential buyer’s objections, this will help you sell your house, trust them – they are professionals – they can handle sensitive topics and will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether an upgrade is worth it or not.
  3. Selling your home empty: Many realtors advise selling an empty home as against staging it.  Buyers these days don’t have the time to imagine what they could do with your home, you have to show them!  Vacant properties take 90% longer to sell than staged homes.  Your Stager will tell you which rooms need to be focused on.
  4. Not Using Professional Photography: It’s an online world now and buyers are searching for their next dream home on laptops, cell phones, iPads etc.  Buyers are inherently visual so professional photographs of bright modern spaces will grab their attention and make your home the one they ask to see.  If you stager doesn’t offer photography make sure you have a realtor that does.
  5. Poor Planing and Time Management: It should reasonably take about 1-3 weeks to get a home ready for staging, this will give your stager time to access your property and give you time for the upgrades they suggest as well as time for them to source any items you may need.  Calling a stager and expecting them to have your home stage ready in two days is unrealistic,
  6. Letting your realtor stage the home: some realtors and real estate agents are trained stagers which is great, but many aren’t and telling you to remove every trace from your home just makes the space look sterile and unloved.  You want your home to create a lifestyle and an ambiance that the buyer aspires to, who aspires to bland, blank rooms?
  7. Disrupting the Staging: Often a well meaning realtor will change things around or move items they think look better elsewhere.  Once a home has been staged it is important to keep it in that condition throughout the time it is up for sale.  Your stager will have shown you how to quickly get the home ready for viewing if you are living there during the sale.  Moving furniture around or relocating staging decor will make the staging less effective.
  8. Thinking you will have to invest a lot of money to stage your home: in an occupied staged home the stager will work predominately with what you already have, maybe adding a few touches of their own to modernize the space for you.  With vacant homes your stager will be able to suggest some rental furniture companies or provide the furniture themselves with an idea of cost for you, they will also make sure that you aren’t staging rooms you don’t need to.
  9. Not listening to your stagers advice: the stager is there to help you so when they suggest removing your religious artifacts or all your family photographs it isn’t because they don’t like them, it is because they don’t want potential buyers profiling who lives in the home.  As soon as they picture you in the house they will never see themselves living there – it’s your house!  Listen to your stager they are on your side!
  10. Listening to friends and family who tell you – you don’t need to stage your home: the simple truth is the way people buy homes today has changed, they want to be shown how to live in your house, they want to aspire to the lifestyle they could have if they only owned your home.  A home’s presentation and marketability are very important as today’s buyer’s value quality over price.  They will pay more for a home they consider to be turn key.

Above all when choosing a stager make sure you feel comfortable with them.

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