The Holidays are Coming!

The holidays are quickly approaching and for many, so are friends and relatives.  Although it is the season for thanks and joy, it can become strained for those who are trying to get a picture-perfect home for the holidays.

Help is at hand – we offer consultations that can make your home holiday ready while still keeping within your budget restrictions.  It is easy to go a little mad with all the great ornaments and table arrangements that are about but we will work with you and your budget to achieve a great holiday look for your home.  We can utilize what you already have and maybe add a few select items to it or we can start completely afresh with a new color palette for your decorating.

Think about the ‘big picture’ when you determining the scope and a ballpark budget.  Ask yourself – how far do you want to go with the decorating; whole house or just a room?  Look thought some magazines and try to see if you are a traditionalist or prefer some of the modern glitz.  Think about what type of entertaining you will be doing – dinner parties or casual festive cocktail parties?

‘People become very stressed during the holidays, they are rushed and harried but want their homes to present well that’s where I come in, Holiday decorating is a natural progression from Home Staging,’ says Pam, owner of Perfect Match Homes.

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