Take your business to the next level by partnering with us!


You are an expert at selling homes and closing deals, we are experts at staging and décor – lets both do what we do best and work together to get you more listings and more homes sold!

  • With a reputation for beautifully presented homes you will create a strategic marketing advantage over your competition
  • We will have your back and will handle difficult conversations with tact and diplomacy
  • By offering a Staging Consultation to your clients you will provide them with the ‘wow’ factor giving you the edge over your competition
  • We will take the interior marketing of the home off your shoulders by staging the home to appeal to the widest possible target market.
  • We will help to market the home through our social media sites and google pages.
  • You will become known as the agent whose homes sell fast and for more money.
  • You will have preferential pricing on all our services