Painting your Kitchen Cabinets

Giving your kitchen a face lift can cost a small fortune but there is another way, apart from having to install all new cabinetry, that can update your kitchen easily and for a fraction of the price!

Painting your cabinets can be a quick and economical option.  It is easy enough for any DIYer to try themselves.

The cabinet surface will determine if you need any special paint.  Unfinished wood is the easiest to deal with but wood, laminates and metal will all work well with ordinary paint.  Plastic laminates may need a special paint but ask your local DIY store and they will help you.

*A quick tip – as you remove the doors and drawers number them and their location – makes it tons easier when it comes time to re-install!*

Clean all the surfaces, don’t forget the cabinets themselves as well.  You are getting rid of any greasy residue so any grease remover will work.  Sand the surfaces down you intend to paint.  The amount of sanding will depend on the condition of the cabinets.  If they are in reasonably good condition then a rough surface for the paint to key to is really all you need.

Vacum the surfaces very well afterwards to remove all traces of sand dust.  Leave for a while then wipe up any residue left.

Apply the primer/sealer and allow to dry well before applying the top coat of paint.  The paint can be applied with a brush or a sprayer if you have one, you can use a roller but the surface must be perfectly flat or you will get streaks.

I prefer to paint the doors while they are lying flat, it gives a better coating and a more even finish.

Remember that now the doors and units are painted they will also be more susceptible to cracking and peeling.  I would recommend a coat of thin varnish to protect the surface.

Once everything is dry re-install the doors and drawers.  A change of hardware will also be a good idea.  Hopefully you have remembered to remove the old ones before you painted!.

Once installed, stand back and admire your new kitchen!

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