Home Staging FAQs

What is Home Staging and how do I choose a Home Stager?

Home Staging is the process of preparing your home for sale so that it appeals to the maximum number of potential buyers possible.  Our team will address all aspects of merchandising your home so that it is highly marketable and saleable.

Choosing the right professional to work with is similar to how or why you picked your real estate agent.  You need to feel comfortable with them and you need to see examples of their work

Our company is a full service staging provider, offering partial or full staging solutions to suit all budgets.  Our consultants are fully trained and we have an ever expanding inventory of merchandise to help sell your home.


What is the value of a Home Staging Consultation?

This will depend upon whether your home is vacant or occupied.  With a Vacant Home the initial consultation lasts about 30-40 minutes and is to ascertain what items are needed in the home.

For an occupied Home Staging the consultation is in much greater detail and provides you with a customized plan for your property that will maximize its overall presentation and marketability.  It will focus on the elements that will give you the best return on investment and provide you with specific recommendations that you can implement.  When over 95% of buyers will shop online first and 9 out of 10 of them can’t see beyond what they are presented with, investing in a home staging consultation is the first step to a successful sale!


How much should I be prepared to do?

That really is up to you and how much you want to sell your home.  Our marketing consultant will give you many recommendations that may cost money to implement but they will also let you know what should be done as well as what could be done.

The consultants will also consider what furniture and decor pieces you have in your home, they may advise that some are removed, replaced or renewed.  But it is always your choice how much of the recommendations you want to implement – remembering that your Home Staging Professional has years of experience in assessing real estate and knows what savy buyers are looking for in their next home.


What renovations offer the best return on investment?

Typically updates to kitchens and bathrooms give the highest return but are also usually the most expensive.  Some of the more cost effective updates are; paint colors, new countertops and cabinet hardware and new modern light fixtures.


Can I implement the recommendations myself?

Of course you can, if you let us know while we are doing the initial consultation we will make sure that the Staging Report you receive will have detailed instructions, floor plans etc that you can easily follow.

You can always ask us to finish what you have started if you feel a bit swamped by it all.  It is always our goal to work with as many of your furnishing pieces as possible, however we do offer our clients the option to enhance the presentation of their home with furniture and decor rentals – it may be adding a few new pillows or throws or maybe some new artwork or a couple of furniture pieces.  Regardless we tailor the staging to the home so that every client’s home will have that WOW factor!


Why should I stage my vacant home?

Vacant homes are typically the hardest to sell, empty rooms are very difficult to market online and fail to create a lifestyle the buyers can emotionally connect to.

Un-staged vacant homes tend to sit on the market about 89% longer than their staged counterparts and often have to be reduced substantially before they sell.  Being empty also means that buyers perceive the owners to be desperate and they think they can make a deal.

When customers tell us that staging is too expensive, we encourage them to look at the bigger picture and the potential ramifications of selling their home empty.  Staging is another level of marketing and by investing in the staging you are creating a home buyers will be able to imagine themselves living in rather than having nothing else to focus on they start looking at all the negative points and reasons not to purchase your home.  Remember investing in improving your presentation and marketability is never as much as that price reduction to get the home sold!


Where does the furniture come from for vacant homes?

We have an expanding inventory of furniture, artwork and decor pieces ourselves.  Occasionally we may have to rent from some of the professional furniture rental companies to tailor the staging to fit the style and calibre of your home.  By doing this we have greater creative flexibility to get just the right look your target buyers are expecting.

Our rentals are based on 30 days but on average our staged homes tend to get offers within the first 10-12 days.


Do staged homes really sell faster than un-staged homes?

According to the National Association of Realtors Report for 2015 – yes they do. They sell on average between 89-90% quicker than un-staged homes.

‘Price gets you interest.  Staging gets you offers.’ – Gary Keller, Keller Williams Realty.


My home is staged – now what happens?

Once the staging is complete, whether by us or by yourselves, we will take some professional photographs.  Don’t forget over 95% pf buyers look on the internet first, so we need you to have those fabulous photos.

Keeping your home show ready is another part of the selling process and you should be able to get your home viewer ready in about 30 minutes using the photographs and report we have given you.  Remember this is only a temporary inconvenience and needs to be done to turn from staged home to sold home!


Is staging all you offer?

Perfect Match Homes offers a wide range of services for home owners.  We offer color consultations through to complete room designs for your new home.  We can also work with your contractor to remodel your new home or add a new addition providing floor plans and design concepts to re-imagine your space and love your new home for years to come.

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