Don’t be a ‘BOOB’ when it comes to selling your home – be like the BOOBIE BIRD!


By D Gould -

Both Real Estate Agents and Home Stagers are often guilty of suggesting that Home Sellers take the de-cluttering and de-personalizing to an extreme. The favored thinking is that all homes should have a neutral or ‘safe’ color palette. This information, while being sound in general (it’s meant to make your home appeal to as many potential buyers as possible), can also back fire on you.

Imagine yourself in the buyers shoes, looking at so many homes, all so similar that they start to wash over you like a sea of complacency. There is nothing for them to remember about your home, nothing that stands out.

Now consider the Blue Footed Boobie – shared here from a facebook entry from Greenpeace USA.  While he blends into his surroundings, the pop of color from his ‘blue suede shoes’ make him not just adorable but also memorable!

A bright pop of color can make all the difference, lifting the mood of the room and when used as part of a consistent color palette throughout the home, can tie all the rooms together to make a cohesive and remarkable whole, something that will remain in the potential buyers mind.

Here, the Boobie’s color palette was suggested by Debra Gould and it shows how the range of neutral colors can be used together. The splash of teals could be used in pillows, throws or accent pieces to modernize your home’s interior and create an amazing space.

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