Creating A Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point, somewhere to draw your eye.  Most often it is a fireplace but what do you do if your home doesn’t have a fireplace or you don’t have the funds to create one?  Here are some handy tips for creating focal points.

Bring the Outside In! – Sometimes the best feature of a room can be the view outside so use it. Organize your furniture so that it makes the best use of the view.

Embrace Technology – rather than just put your TV on a store bought TV stand which, lets face it are often ugly, put it on a large piece of  bespoke furniture for more impact.

Create a Focal Point with Artwork – this could be one large piece or a gallery of smaller pieces, just try and make sure their is a theme connecting them.  It might be they are all black and white, all of children, same frames etc.  Before you put them on the wall arrange them on the floor first, its easier to rearrange them there!

Use a large piece of furniture –  Think large bookcases, armoire etc, storage doesn’t have to be utilitarian but make sure it fits proportionally into your room, if its too large it will dominate the wall and leave the room feeling overwhelmed.

Mirror It! – Large mirrors can be a piece of art in their own right.  They also have the benefit of reflecting light and space back into the room.

Turn onto Texture – a feature wall in brick or stone or even some of the gorgeous tiles that are about will have a huge impact on your space and create that illusive focal point.

Paint a Wall – using a strong complimentary color can also create a visual focal point but this should only be on one wall otherwise you will confuse the eye and it won’t know where to focus.

When considering the layout of your room think about the flow and a striking feature as a focal point, this will be the natural starting point from which you should plan your design.  This helps to give your room a balance and make it feel more inviting, everything is centered around that focal point.

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